Astral Body

During the holidays I came across a ghost-like image of the spirit leaving the soul. After doing a bit of research I found many images from the ‘spirit photography’ genre. Spirit photography was first created in the 1860s and became very popular until they were exposed as fraud images using double exposure.

My inspiration for this shoot was a series of photographs taken by Joseph P. Donnelly an American Pictorialist photographer. His spirit photography images were beautiful more than haunting.

For my shoot, I wanted to capture beauty and movement, the shots would need to be taken in one area with different movements. I tried several compositions, boxed up, behind a glass door and a veiled rising on a hill. 

After looking at the pictures I decided to edit an image sitting up with the veil on. These pictures could be overlayed on top of each other to give the effect of a soul astral projecting from the body. 

I took these photos using:

Nikon D5100
Focal length 29
No flash
Exposure 1/800

I was very happy with the shoot. This effect suited my etherial theme and could create an image of the soul leaving the body.