Astral Body Edit

After seeing an old black and white video of a Chinese woman on a stretcher and her soul leaving her body (allegedly caught on camera). This inspired me to try and create a ghostly image.

My aim was to keep the photograph pretty with a nice serene feeling as  Joseph P. Donnelly’s images, but tell a story of a soul trying to leave the body ‘Astral Projection’ to add to my Ethereal theme.

On this edit I used Photoshop. The most similar pictures were chosen and the mode was changed to greyscale. The pictures were flipped horizontally so when compiled together they made a pleasing shape.

I also wanted to create a layered effect within the horizontal landscape background, making the distance stretch on further. I arranged the images up and down to create these bands on the horizon.

I adjusted each layer to take on a different occupancy, some stronger and some lighter. To make the landscape work I had to rub out parts on some of the layers so they blended well together and looked realistic.

Finally, I added a lace layer to emphasise the perception, then I lowered the occupancy until the final look was achieved.