For the next shoot I wanted to incorporate body positioning into my images like Gabriele Viertel so for this structure I decided to hire a professional ballerina, this was also inspired by Robert Demachy.

At the beginning of the shoot, I photographed her in a dark room and used light boxes.

The shoot was taken on:

Nikon D3200 F/22
Focal length 21
exposure 1
No flash

I liked this shoot as the photos came out unworldly and seemed realistically angelical. The models arm position and hand movements really captured a nice shape along with the traditional ballet pose.

For the second half of the shoot, we moved to a cathedral. I chose this setting purely because of the projects ethereal theme. A cathedral or church is often viewed as the gateways to a more heavenly world.

On this shoot, we worked on structured poses rather than movement, trying to capture a striking architectural pose at the centre of the cathedrals alter.

I liked these photos for a different reason. By using natural light from both directions within a darker space, I was able to get an even and deep lighting, enabling me to highlight the athlete’s muscle structure.