For the winged ballerina, I particularly like the pose and structure of the image. The natural double exposure came out very good, making the wings flutter.

The soft slightly sepia image aged it, almost like an old hand-coloured print. But my favourite part of the photo is the tiny detail of scuff marks (or dust), making it seem as though this was created in a dark room, or from an old negative. Subtle but very important to me.



I like this photo because the model’s hands seem as if they’re holding a cross. The photo’s second ethereal feel is due to the location. Many places of worship, whether a church, chapel, mosque or cathedral is often seen as a gateway to the afterlife or heaven.

I was happy with the double exposure effect I established while editing. This created the illusion of movement, which I particularly liked as it gave the image a soft focus look. The sepia tone also helps to soften the photo too creating a ‘Pictorialist’ style.

The gentle contrast between the light and dark sections help to defocus the image, which adds a little mystery.