Ballet Techniques

Ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body. They use the movement of the body to interpret music, create an image or express or provoke emotion. The concept of my ballet shoot came from these expressions.

After looking into the artist Gabriele Viertel I noticed she has an exceptional way of arranging models, creating dramatic images with shapes.

For my Ballet photo shoot, I researched several ballet techniques,  enabling me to direct my model into striking poses. For the feet, I chose en-pointe and ouverte (fourth position). To elongate the dancer’s shape I chose ‘bras en couronne’ (fifth position) where the arms are rounded and held above and slightly forward of the head. The model would try all five arm positions.

After looking at many structured images from swan lake and the freeness of modern ballet, the hands seemed to play a very important to imitate the character they are playing. 

With this in mind, the hands were outwardly extended (in the opposite way to the traditional fifth position). This created a lovely shape which I wanted to use on some of my images. It would look stark and striking against a dark background.

A few horizontal floor positions were also added to imitate ‘a fallen angel’.