Bill Viola

Bill Viola is a contemporary video artist whose artistic expression depends upon electronic, sound, and image technology in New Media.

His works are either conceptual, visual or a unique combination of both. Violas work draws the viewer into beautifully painted images and compelling narratives and focuses on the ideas of fundamental human experiences, such as birth death, love, grief and aspects of consciousness.

There is often a spiritual component to his work with elements like Zen Buddhism, Christian Mysticism and Islamic Sufism underpinning his universal themes.

His early work established his fascination with issues that continue to inform his work today. In particular, Viola’s obsession with capturing emotion through recording of its extreme display began in his 1976 work.

Viola enjoys recording spontaneously in real life situations.

I love the idea of trying to incorporate movement within my photography and will attempt to try this in some way or form.