The Angel

Following on the ethereal theme, I wanted to create a lifelike angel. I carried out some research and came across some photos by a London based photographer called Jessica Angel. I loved the moving images, they had a life! 

I also wanted to capture the biblical feel of my inspirational artist Julia Margaret Cameron and the long exposures of my artist Joseph Donnelly.

I wanted to try and re-create this type of image using an angel as the subject. This time I chose a male model dressed in white and used very large white life-size wings.

The aim of this shoot was to create the illusion of the wings moving. To make this work I had to use a slow shutter speed so it was very important I kept the camera still so I used a tripod. The shoot took place in the studio and light boxes were used.

To create more of an ethereal and holy image I wanted it to appear as if the image was old so a sepia effect was used.

I took these photos using:

Nikon D3200
Focal length 25
No flash
Studio lights
Exposure 2
Using tripod

I was really pleased with the outcome of this shoot as the angel looked timeless and moving. By doing this the angel wasn’t clear and looked more realistic, almost as if angels really did exist.