ISO Tests

For my first milk bath shoot, I wanted to experiment with my ISO settings.  Important factors in doing this were my lighting v’s quality. 

I needed to create a good white bath water effect while keeping vibrant colours and clarity. Below you can see the various tests I carried out with my IOS settings.

I liked the images using – Focus Length 45, Metering mode 5, F/5.3 , Exposure 0 time 1/60. I started with this on the shoot but continued to experiment as the conditions were slightly different.

Choosing higher ISO settings you begin to get higher grain or noise in your images. 100 ISO is generally accepted as a normal and will give lovely crisp shots.

If there is plenty of light, I want little grain, I’m using a tripod and my subject is stationary you could use a pretty low ISO rating.

If it’s dark, I purposely want grain, I don’t have a tripod and or my subject is moving I could increase the ISO as it will enable me to shoot with faster shutter speed and still expose the shot well.