Freeform Pool

Inspired by Gabriele Viertel’s free-flowing weightless etherial images. I decided my next shoot was to be taken in a swimming pool as the model and clothing needed to be free to flow.

I needed my model to have long hair to drift with the water. The dress chosen was full length, loose and made in chiffon similar to Viertel’s

I took these photos using:

Nikon D5100
Focal length 28
Exposure 1

There were many difficulties capturing the correct image in the pool. It was quite hard for the model to stay afloat, and I felt this affected the expressions on her face.  I was conscious I needed to time when I took the photos perfectly. 

On the Gothic shoot, the models make-up ran in the water. This time I made sure I used waterproof make-up.

After looking at Gabriele’s photos again she may have used an underwater camera to get the weightless effect. I also think we needed a march larger water area.