Gothic Styling

For my third photo-shoot, I chose to create a more gothic style. The inspiration was moving away from Edward Honaker’s depressing bath images and more towards the images created by Gabriele Viertel – soft and floating. This time I wanted the photo to speak to the viewer via a look. My model was carefully chosen, and it was important to choose someone with very expressive eyes.

I styled the model with heavy smoked eye make-up and black lipstick, slightly gothic in nature. The loose chiffon garment was carefully chosen so it floated freely in the water and a period style was selected enabling the image to be timeless.

Clearwater was needed this time to see the chiffon float. The lighting was carefully arranged, so you could see glimpses of white reflections within the image.

I took these photos using:

Nikon D5100
Focal length 28
No flash
Exposure 2

I directed various expressions on her face, from whimsical, sultry and asking her to look through the camera as if I wasn’t there to create a bewitching image. During the shoot, I carefully lined up the lighting to ensure there was catchlight in her eyes. 

*Catchlight is a light source that causes a specular highlight in a subject’s eye in an image. The glint in the eyes gives life to the model, please see editing processes for more info.

I loved the photos but I didn’t like how the lipstick bled when it came in contact with the water,  next time I will use waterproof makeup to overcome this problem.