I like this photo because of its shallow depth effect. The background is blurred however her face is in focus. Her face the focal point of the photo, emphasising the expression on her face and her expression is a lifeless gaze. When looking at the expression it is hard to see a personality through her face, almost as if hers has gone. I used a sepia effect, which I like because this helps to give the photo an ethereal feel like Pictorialism photography. Pictorialism is known for its ethereal looks and soft focus, which I tried to emphasis on the body. Finally, I like the highlighted line of water across the models face, it helps to show that the model is in the water and draws the eye to the face. 



I like this photo as the eyes are the focal point of the photo. The eye colour is unusual and added to the ethereal feel, along with the pale colours. I am pleased by the light colours (white top, pale skin) as it shows a clear contrast between the blacks and the whites in this photo.  The eyes have a shadow in them that’s been reflected, which looks like she’s being watched creating an unsettling feeling, which suits the wide-eyed look on her face. Next time I will use waterproof makeup on the lips so that I don’t have to adjust them on photoshop. I would also like the skin of the model to be evener.