Gothic Editing

For this edit I had ensure the eyes stood out. After examining the shoot’s photographs, I notice the models foundation was not in balance with her neck and body which I would need to address.

To begin with, I started by clearing up the models make-up. Her mascara and her lipstick bled when her face came in contact with the water during the shoot. I did this by using photoshops clone tool, I carefully selected a range near the area and duplicated small pieces with a blurred edge brush, so it blended well.

It was particularly difficult when it came to the lips as there was a fine line between looking too perfect and natural. I also deleted any other imperfections I didn’t want in the image.

Next, the brightness and contrast were adjusted along with the saturation of colour to try and address the issue of the redder face.

For the eyes it was important to get them to sparkle so I used a sharpening tool to do this, they became much clearer. I also paid special attention to the white reflection in the water, it was important for me to adjust so it was clear and crisp.

The colour balance and filters were experimented with and to make the eyes ‘pop’ I selected them and brightened the whites. Finally, the image edges were sharpened very slightly.