Edward Honaker

Photographer Edward Honaker, was diagnosed with a mood disorder at the age of 19. He was experiencing a persistent feeling of sadness, creating an overwhelming obstacle in his day-to-day life.

To convey his inner thoughts and feelings, Edward turned to his camera and tried to combat his depression and anxiety via his Photography.  He documented his personal experiences with a surreal series of black and white harrowing self-portraits.

The photographs portray the helplessness felt by someone who is battling a depressive disorder. Edward’s face is blurred or covered in all of the black and white photos, a powerful symbolism of his feelings of suffocation and drowning.

Each black-and-white image is as artistic as it is revealing, turning his depression into something that can be seen and better understood. Edward said, “It’s kind of hard to feel any kind of emotion when you’re depressed, and good art can definitely move people”.

Distortion and immersion in water are common themes in his work, as well as a literal loss of face. Edwards portfolio acts as a beacon of empathy, and we can learn a lot from his creative’s tellings.

I particularly liked his water shoots. Edward makes the water cloudy and doesn’t show all of the subject’s body. This creates a slightly eerie feeling and the water makes the body fade away – A strong message.