Gabriele Viertel

Originally from Germany, Gabriele Viertel studied mechanical engineering and design, while modelling in Cologne.  A Self-taught, fine art photographer, Gabriele has an exceptional way of arranging light, colours, costumes and models, creating dramatic, magical and surreal images. She lives through the eyes and is attracted to shapes, lines, and colours in every form.

Thriving on movement, the human figure and water. Gabriele creates pretty, seductive photos capturing deep feminine emotions, such as fears and desires.  “I want to create nearness and intimacy, leading the heir to the surreal moment into an illusion of dreams and reality mix.”

She is a profound and creative storyteller of surrealistic images. Backdrops of inky, black watery abyss and bodies in flowing robes won her numerous awards. Viertel stages her work meticulously and choreographically.