Milk Bath Editing

For these images I wanted the colour of the water to be a bright white. However, I needed to keep the colour of the model skin tone, creating a purposeful difference between the water and the face, making the face stand out. 

I did this by selecting the background only and increased the brightness. I also experimented with the photo filters which made the water look more cloudy. I liked the effect as after researching about how photographers edit their photos to look ethereal, I found some artists used this development to create an unworldly effect. The milk bath now looked like a resin rather than water, almost like the body was trapped inside.

After creating the background I wanted, I used the clone effect to remove any flowers which I didn’t think looked aesthetically pleasing, I also removed any imperfections in the water I didn’t want there. Once I’d made sure I was happy with the background of my image, I then focused on the model.

I wanted the mouth and the plants to stand out in this image, so I selected these details and sharpened them.

Once I was happy overall, I adjusted the saturation of my image upwards, to make the colours stand out more. Then I increased the shadow around the models face defining the edge and making it ‘pop’ out from the water.