Robert Demachy

Robert Demachy takes photos in a Pictorialist style.

Demachy along with Émile Joachim Constant Puyo were leaders of the French Pictorial movement in France. Roberts talent and skill with the gum bichromate technique was internationally renowned in fine art photography.  With the gum medium, he was able to achieve the appearance of a drawing in the printmaking process (see the photograph below).  He has added marks characteristic of etching during intermediate stages of development with the intervention of the photographer’s hand in the printmaking stage of the photographic process.

The result was Demachy’s mastery of his medium but also proved his ability to select significant details from the negatives. In this picture, Demachy has gently elided the background and erased the features of the left third of the image in order to emphasize the grace and delicacy of the ballet dancer that is its subject.

Demanchy, gave me the inspiration to do a photoshoot based on a ballerina as their elegance and looks are delicate. This made me think to add this to my project because some etherial photography is extremely delicate and light.