Following on from the gothic etherial theme I decided to take inspiration from Federico Bebber’s smoke images.

This shoot was to take place in the studio with a smoke machine. To style the model I went to a charity shop and bought a vintage velvet dress in deep blood red. Gothic in style and similar to Federico’s.

A long-haired model was chosen to create femininity. Relaxed horizontal poses and the eyes were to be based on daydreaming. To emphasise the daydream image a smoke machine was to be used to create clouds.

I took these photos using:

Nikon D3100
Focal length 55
Exposure 1/40
no flash

To make the white smoke show up I chose a black background. I used box lights, which is a type of photographic lighting device. Box lighting creates an even and diffused light, I used these over the models face emphasising the smoke.

I’m happy how some of the photos tuned out, however, I would like the smoke to stand out more. Next, I would like to try a mini-shoot and I aim to get a stronger smoke effect by experimenting with incent sticks instead of a smoke machine. 

I wanted to add another dimension to these photographs and make the smoke moving as i was inspired by Bill Viola’s videos. I like how in some of his videos, the model is still, while there is movement in the background, or over the face.