The Milk Bath Shoot

My Milk bath shoot was Influenced by Edward Honakers depressed self-portrait ‘drowning’ taken in a milk bath.

Inspired by the theme of teenage girl depression, and a symptom of what may be called ‘modern life’ and excessive use of social media platforms such as Instagram. Three-quarters of 14-year-old girls who suffer from depression also have low self-esteem, are unhappy with how they look.

I chose a female for my photography subject, added flowers to the bath to emphasise her femininity. She wears make-up, a mask to create beauty. But the milk bath shows exactly how she feels inside,  drowning under the stereotypes of 2019 beauty.

This shoot was taken on:

Nikon D5100
Exposure 2
Focal length 22
no flash

I enjoyed this shoot and felt it correctly represented what I wanted it to do. The milky water took a while to perfect, I wanted it to be cloudy and slightly translucent to frame the subject. I focused on creating plain facial expressions, as I wanted viewers to interpret her countenance in many ways to evoke different emotions.

My photographs have an ethereal feel to them which is demonstrated through bright whites in this shoot, almost ghostly. Ethereal photography often uses bright whites to form a heavenly look, but they can also create quite disturbing photos.

For the next shoot, I wanted to develop a more gritty look to the images. I aim to do this by removing the make-up of my model (to remove the stereotypes of beauty).  I will add a pale foundation cakey and chalk-like to react with the water, creating a little disturbance.


Milk Bath Shoot