The Nebulous shoot is a follow on from the milk bath and still inspired by Edward Honaker. The aim of this shoot was to really concentrate on the facial expressions of the model to evoke a disturbing feeling for the viewer. My model was carefully chosen via what she personally went through the previous year and it took a lot of persuading. She contributed to how the shoot went by helping express how she felt with her depression.

She told me “I was with everyone, but I felt so alone, trapped behind something that no one could see”. This comment inspired me to add a glass sheet in front of the camera to represent the division she felt. Another comment was “I felt like I wasn’t alive, I felt nothing”. This inspired me to create a feeling of the living dead. The milk bath was used again and I made the models face pale using makeup to match the bath water. The face seemed almost dead like, and lifeless.

The models make-up was inspired by my uncomfortable experience of viewing my great grandmother in her open coffin, her face was so pale and caked in makeup. I tried to mimic the pale chalk-like finish. 

I took these photos using:

Nikon D5100
Focal length 32
Exposure 1/40
No flash

I liked the photos as they felt a little disturbing. The makeup reacted with the water which created another layer of detail as it emphasised the fine hairs above her lips. It was important for me to concentrate on her facial expressions. I decided to add pale and insipid dying petals to the final image.  This was to accentuate the end of one life and moving onto the next, highlighting the ethereal link.